15 November 2022

The second edition of the Annual International Congress of Doctoral Students (CAIED) took place online 3 and 4 of february 2022

Here you have all the information about the second edition:

Program and list with all the contributions (In spanish)

Book of abstracts




Representatives Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee



Scientific Committee

PhD Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Ricardo Mallavia

PhD Program in Environment and Sustainability

María Belén Almendro Candel

Eva Gracia Martínez

PhD Program in Neurosciences

Cruz Morenilla Palao

Francisco Navarrete Rueda

PhD Program in Agricultural, Agro-environmental and Food Resources and Technologies

Manuel Viuda Martos

Francisca Hernández

Raquel Lucas González

PhD Program in Bioengineering

Gema Concepcion Martinez Navarrete

Javier Esteban Mozo

Cristina Soto Sanchez

Sara Jover Gil

PhD Program in Public Health, Medical and Surgical Sciences

Esther Caparrós Cayuela

María Concepción Carratalá Munuera

Adriana López Pineda

PhD Program in Statistics, Optimization and Applied Mathematics

Juan Francisco Monge Ivars

Ángel Giménez Pastor

Alejandro Rabasa Dolado

PhD Program in Social and Legal Sciences

Javier Moreno Pérez

José Carlos Espigares Huete

PhD Program in Sport and Health

Carla Caballero Sanchez

Victoria Soto Sanz

PhD Program in Industrial and Telecommunication Technology

Miguel Onofre Martínez Rach

Baldomero Coll Perales