9 December 2023

The IV Annual International Congress of Doctoral Students will admit the participation with communications in oral and poster format, both in English and Spanish. All abstracts presented will be published in a “Abstracts Book” by the Editorial Electrónica de la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche.

Contributions to the IV CAIED can be made by any PhD student from any university.

* For those doctoral students who wish to present their research plan or doctoral thesis idea/approach, it will not be possible to contribute in oral format (only poster).

* The deadline for submitting the abstract of the oral communication: November 26, 2023.

* The deadline for submitting the poster abstract: December 10, 2023. Deadline extended to December 17!

In order to submit your contribution, please go to the oral communication or poster sections.

The conference organizers reserve the right to make/propose changes in the presentation format of the contributions.