Frequently Asked Questions

24 October 2023

What disciplines are included?

All disciplines are welcome in this Congress. The purpose of the Congress is to promote the exchange of knowledge between different thematic areas, so the only requirement you must meet to participate in the III Annual International Congress of Doctoral Students is to be a doctoral student.

What is the number of contributions I can make as first author?

The maximum number of contributions as first author is one. However, there is no limit to the number of authors per contribution. Therefore, you can have one first-authored contribution and other co-authored contributions as long as they have been presented by a different registered student.

Is there a limit of authorship per contribution?

Yes, there can be no more than 10 authors per contribution.

How do I make my contribution?

Contributions can be made in two modalities.

The first is oral communication. This must conform to the specifications described in the sub-section of Oral Communication, within contributions.

The second one is poster. This modality is mandatory for the research plan contribution. In addition, you can find the characteristics that they must have in the Posters subsection, within contributions.

In both cases, it is mandatory to fill in the form found in the corresponding subsection, which consists of sending the abstract. The deadline to fill in the abstract form is November 26, 2023 for oral communications, and December 10, 2023 for posters. And the deadline to send the poster is January 21, 2024, to the congress mail:

I have just started my PhD, so I don’t have many results to present. Can I participate with a contribution to the congress?

Yes, you can contribute by presenting in poster format the proposed research plan for the thesis project. It is not necessary to include a results or conclusions section.

Will there be a certificate of attendance/participation?

Yes, at the end of the Congress, a certificate of attendance and a certificate of participation will be awarded. The certificate of participation will be a single certificate per contribution including the name of all contributing authors. We will only send a certificate to the person who is listed as the main author. The person receiving the certificate will be responsible for sending the certificate to the other co-authors.

What is the minimum attendance required to obtain a certificate?

We also inform you that NO ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATES WILL BE ISSUED TO ANYONE WHO DOES NOT ATTEND (we will understand “effective attendance” to be attendance that reaches 50% of the total duration of the congress).

Can I register and, if I want to bring a paper (poster or oral), attach the abstract later?

No, registration and abstract upload are done through a single form. If you want to register, but you do not want to attach your abstract yet, you have to wait to have it ready by the deadline. If you register without attaching anything, you will not be able to register again later.

Can I send the poster by email as soon as I am registered?

You have to wait to receive news by email about your abstract: if it is accepted, if it needs changes (because it does not comply optimally with the format ), or if it is rejected (because it does not meet any of the requirements). In case it is accepted, we will send you a form with which you can attach your poster until February 1, 2023.

Can I send oral communication and poster?
, you have to choose one. In fact, as there is only one form to fill in, you only have one option.

Will you contact me to inform me about news related to the Congress?

Yes, we will contact you via the e-mail address provided in the registration form. We will keep you informed of all the news related to the Congress.

Can I send any kind of contribution (oral communication or poster) if I am not a PhD student?

No, Bachelor’s or Master’s students can only attend the congress and will not be able to send any kind of contribution. One of the requirements of the congress is to be a PhD student.